The Unnamed

1645, Aldeburgh, Suffolk. 

Fearing for the godliness of the town, and after a report of a witch in their midst, Aldeburgh commissions self-styled Witchfinder-General, Matthew Hopkins, to seek out others. 

Rounded up over four months, and imprisoned in the Town Hall gaol during the coldest winter in memory, a group of women were brought to trial in January 1646 and were hanged. 

Records show the name of the man who built the gallows, the name of the man who made the ropes, the number of guards at the trial and the amounts paid to them all. They show the fees charged by Matthew Hopkins and his searcher, Mary Phillips, but, of the seven women hanged that day, only two are named. The other five were felt to be of so little importance that their names were never recorded. 

This is their story…

Based on real events, ‘The Unnamed’ is due for publication in 2022.

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