I once read that you should write the book that you can’t find but that you really want to read…

This Fearful Thing

An act of revenge. An accusation of witchcraft. A reckoning.

Southwold, Suffolk, 1645. Ann has fled from her past but when her childhood tormentor finds her in a busy street, she realises the past she thought long-buried has come back to haunt her. When rumours of witchcraft begin she knows that he will stop at nothing to destroy her…

Inspired by true events, ‘This Fearful Thing’ tells the sometimes harrowing story of a woman accused of witchcraft, not once, but three times and her fight to survive.

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About the Author

I am Laina, writing as L M West, and I live in Suffolk with my husband. It is a watery place, full of mystery, and tales of strangeness and magic. There is a real sense of history, of time, in this place, a sense of ‘otherness’, and this is what I try to evoke in my writing.

This Fearful Thing’ is my first novel and I’m now working on my second, ‘The Unnamed’.

What people are saying about This Fearful Thing

“Fear is woven like a silver thread through this dark narrative, drawing the reader on through a spine-chilling tale of witch hunts in 17th Century Suffolk.”

“Dark & compelling…”

“Meticulously researched…”

“Pulled me in from the start.”

“A really good read.