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We Three

Dunwich, Suffolk, 1615.

The King’s Men are performing a tale of witchcraft and ambition, murder and death. Firm friends Priscilla, Elizabeth and Aubrey, fourteen years old, watch in excitement and horror as the story unfolds. That day never leaves them.

Thirty years later they are seized, accused of witchcraft by the same man who will stop at nothing to destroy them. As Dunwich crumbles into the sea, and with their friendship damaged by betrayal and lies, they face the hangman’s noose. How will they survive?

History has left us their confessions. This is the story of their lives.

Published April 2023

Illustration: Sandy Horsley

The Unnamed

Aldeburgh, Suffolk, 1645.

Mary Howldine, innkeeper, Puritan, follower of rules. Joan Wade, widow, long-despised, accused of witchcraft. As their two worlds collide, the terror grows. By Christmas, during the hardest winter in living memory, there are seven imprisoned, awaiting trial and Mary’s beliefs begin to falter.

Based on real events, ”The Unnamed’ is available now.

Published February 2022

The Unnamed Book Cover
Illustration: Sandy Horsley

This Fearful Thing

Southwold, Suffolk, 1645.

Ann has fled from her past but when her childhood tormentor finds her in a busy street, those times she thought long-buried come back to haunt her. When rumours of witchcraft begin she knows that he will stop at nothing to destroy her…

Inspired by true events, ‘This Fearful Thing’ tells the sometimes harrowing story of a woman accused of witchcraft, not once, but three times and her fight to survive.

Published May 2021

This Fearful Thing Book Cover
Illustration: Sandy Horsley

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About the Author

I am Laina, writing as L M West, and I live in Suffolk with my husband. It is a watery place, full of mystery, and tales of strangeness and magic.

There is a real sense of history, of time, in this place, a sense of ‘otherness’, and this is what I try to evoke in my writing.

I also believe that women’s voices, so long buried, should be heard. We need to know what our forebears thought and did, and how they were treated, because they are in us all. They are part of who we are. They are half of history.

Laina West Author Photo

What people are saying about This Fearful Thing

Superbly written and the historical notes are fascinating

I read this book in a state of pure tension”

Brilliantly researched and historically accurate

This truly is a superb read